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Terminal thoughts

I was diagnosed with a terminal cancer in December 2004. These are things which I have written about what life has been like since then.

Update: Jos passed away in February 2007. Her memory and writings remain.

We do plan to rejuvinate these pages. Here is a Guardian obituary and photos of her beautiful grave

Friends and Family

Updated Jos's family and friends: Recollections and events in Jos's spirit.

Jos's Discussion Forum

Life & Death in Elizabethan Norton

Norton is now a suburb of Sheffield, but in Elizabethan times it had its own identity as the principal scythemaking community of northern England. With the aid of a computer, patterns emerge from the dry data of baptism, marriage and burials records.

Your Work & Your Health

All the development materials for this prototype information system, produced back in 1995 with Sheffield Trade Union Studies Centre.


Word, Excel, Access: Making IT Happen

These popular, waffle-free documents tell you in just 30-40 pages what most "How to" books take 3-400 pages to cover.


Htmltag is a VBA macro which runs from within Word to create html. Handy if you need to convert Word files to minimalist, validating html on a regular basis, but requires a good understanding of Word and some VBA knowhow.

The macro is downloadable as customisable open-source code.